GAGLIANO, Marco da, 1575-1642

L a   F l o r a,
o v e r o  i l  n a t a l  d e'  f i o r i


Gagliano, La Flora

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Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/7. Bologna, 1969. 22 x 32 cm, iv, 150 pp. pp. Line-cut of the Florence, 1628 edition. Flora, or the Birth of Flowers is a collaboration of Marco da Gagliano and Jacopo Peri based on a libretto by  Andrea Salvadori. It was first performed on 14 October 1628, three days after the wedding of Margherita de' Medici and Odoardo Farnese, and was the last major spectacle to be staged in the Teatro Mediceo in Florence.  According to Mersenne's L'Harmonie universelle "The spectatators declared that they had never heard nor seen anything like it, either for the beauty of the recitative that each actor gave in reciting and singing on the stage, or for the majesty of the poetry, or for the richness, and the machines that represented the thunders and lightenings, and other storms with such perfection that the spectators remained astounded and ravished". La Flora and La Dafne are the only surviving prints out of Gagliano's 14 published stage works. Introduction in It by Primarosa Ledda. Hardbound. $78


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