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The Flötner Playing Cards  and Other Curiosities of 16th-Century Music Dissemination from Franconia

Die Flötnerschen Spielkarten und andere Curiosa der Musiküberlieferung des 16. Jahrhunderts aus Franken.
Herausgegeben von C. Russell Crosby Jr.
[Mss. Germanisches National Museum, Nürnberg & British Museum, London]

Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Bayern, Neue Folge, Sonderband 1. Wiesbaden, 1967.
19 x 26 cm, x, 39, 33, 23 pp.
Full-color facsimile of the famous illustrated playing cards with 4-voice compositions—discantus, altus, tenor, bassus—notated on their backs. Besides Peter Flötner’s wonderful cards, this publication includes “Oberdeutsches Trinklied” (Basel, Universitäts- Bibliothek, Hs. F. IX. 59-62) and “Rumpoltschen Spielkarten”. Commentary in Ger, with modern transcriptions of all the pieces. Wrappers. $83

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