Deluxe Fasimile Edition

Codex 121 Einsiedeln: Graduale und Sequenzen Notkers von St. Gallen.

[Einsiedeln, Benediktinerkloster, Bibl., 121]

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Weinheim, 1991 & Berlin, 1996. 12 x 17 cm, 2 vols, 600, 240 pp. Full-color halftone in the original format. Regarded as the oldest complete manuscript of Gregorian chant missal propers. One of the best examples of “lettres romaniennes”–literally thousands of them–added in different stages to the neumatic notation. Separate commentary volume with codicological notes by Anton von Euw, inventory and liturgical notes by Odo Lang, and musicological commentary by Rupert Fischer, Godehard Joppich, and Andreas Haug. Available in two versions:

Original edition by VCH Act Humaniora
 (ISBN 3-05-003956-6) hardbound in white linen: $2,156

"Special Edition" by Akademie Verlag
(ISBN 3-05-002888-2) hardbound with paper boards:   $750

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