DVOŘÁK, Antonín, 1841-1904

Klavierkonzert g-moll Opus 33. Faksimile nach dem Autograph im Národní Muzeum, České Muzeum Hudby, Muzeum Antonína Dvořáka, Praha. Signatur ČMH-MAD S 76/1530. Herausgegeben von András Schiff... Geleitwort von András Schiff. Einführung von Jarmila Tauerová und Jan Dehner

[Concerto, piano, orchestra, op.33, G minor]

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[Henle Music Facsimiles, 16]. Munich, 2004. 25 x 33 cm, 28, 142 pp. Beautiful full-color facsimile of the autograph score composed during a two month period in the summer of 1876. The ms is both a fair copy and working copy, as the composer revisited it several times, first before its premiere in 1878, then before a performance in 1880 and then prior to its publication in 1883. András Schiff considers it a wonderful concerto with enomous warmth, conceived in the noble tradition of Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann and Brahms, but where the piano is first among equals. The facsimile allows us to see the composer’s original ideas, which vary significantly from the version by Vilém Kurz usually played since WW I, where the piano is robbed of its distinctive voice and overburdened with Lisztian gestures. Commentary in Ger-Eng-Czech. Hardbound with red laid paper boards. $185
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Dvorak, Piano Concerto, cover
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