Albrecht Dürer
The Small Xylographic Passion
Nueremberg 1511

La piccola passione - Norimberga 1511
Deluxe facsimile edition

One of Dürer's most popular woodcut series, first printed in 1511, reprinted several times up to an Italian edition of 1612.Reproduced from a rare proof copy in a private collection

Dürer’s Small Xylographic Passion series is considered his most unified set, carried out with a simpler more direct treatment of the subject. Dürer began the Small Passion sometime in 1508 or 1509, completed it in 1510 and published it in 1511 with Latin verses by Benedictus Chelidonius facing each plate. There are 37 woodcuts in all. He expanded here the usual cycle of the Passion by providing preceding and subsequent scenes, beginning with the Fall of Man and ending with the Last Judgement.
  The Small Xylographic Passion was published in the same year in which the artist’s three large books appeared.
The facsimile: Deluxe edition of 199 numbered copies in the original format, 76 + viii pp. Scholarly commentary—Albrecht Dürer—i viaggi verso la modernità— (176 pp) by Mauro Bini.  Published by Il Bulino, Modena, 2011.  Eu 960.
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