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Dow Partbooks, 2

William Byrd
William Byrd

Robert Parsons
Robert Parsons

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Deluxe Color Facsimile
The Dow Partbooks

Oxford, Christ Church, MSS 984-988


The Dow Partbookss
Christ Church Oxford, MSS 984-988

Facsimile Edition. Introductory
 Study by John Milsom.

Diamm Publications: Oxford, 2010
Oblong format: 19.4 x 14.2 cm
5 partbooks, 960 pp; 150 pp (commentary)
  List of contents

A full-color facsimile edition of Oxford, Christ Church, MSS 984-988, written in the beautiful calligraphic hand of Robert Dow, a 16th-c. fellow of All Souls, Oxford, from whom the manuscript gets its name. These partbooks—discantus, medius, altus, tenor, bassus—are a major source of music by William Byrd, Robert White, Robert Parsons, Alfonso Ferrabosco, John Shepherd, Thomas Tallis, William Mundy, Christopher Tye, Orlandus Lassus, John Taverner, Richard Farrant, and Peter Phillips. Much of the best loved music by William Byrd, Robert Parsons, and Robert White in particular is found in this manuscript, especially pieces such as Byrd's “Ne irascaris”, Parsons' “Ave Maria” and “O bone Jesu”, and White's Lamentations setting for five voices. Many of the works are equally appropriate for viol consort as for vocal ensemble, and the superb presentation of the text and condition of the books makes this an ideal source from which to play and sing. With comprehensive indices and concordance list. Wrappers, with slipcase.

Dow Partbooks (original)

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