15th-c. Burgundian Chansonnier

Dijon Bibliothèque Publique Ms. 517
 With an Introduction by Dragan Plamenac

  [Dijon, Bibliothèque publique, ms.517, olim 295]

Dijon Bibliothèque Publique Ms. 517

Publications of Mediaeval Musical Manuscripts, 12. New York, 1971. 13 x 18 cm, 12, 398 pp. Fine collotype of a c.1460 Burgundian chansonnier. Wonderful, clearly written repository of  chansons from the Busnois-Ockeghem period, 160 pieces in all, 57 of them unica. 70 works are by known composers: Busnoys (30), Ockeghem (11),
Caron (3), Convert/Coubert/Boubert (3), Du Fay (3), Morton (3), Barbingant (2), Delahaye (2), Compère (2), and Hayne van Ghizeghem, Michelet, Molinet, Agricola, Binchois, Boubert, Rubinus, Simon le Breton, and Tinctoris (1 each). Many of the initials incorporate humorous designs including grotesque faces (with exaggerated noses, lips, protruding chins, in scowling fashion); figures with bishops’ miters; jesters; people in courtly attire; obscene figures defecating; hybrid creatures; various animals, birds, snails, fish, and insects; bagpipes; bells; flowers; and acanthus-leaf patterning. A subtle yellow wash (not visible in this B/W facsimile) was used as background (adapted from Diamm). Introduction in German-English. $141

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