Proceedings of the IX International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 16 - 19 September 2009. Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, Judith Wardman.
250 pp.
ISBN 978-88-900269-6-

Peter Bavington: Clavichords made in Latin America: updates and new discoveries

Thomas Donahue: Safety factors for replicas of the 1784 Hubert fretted clavichord in Edinburgh

Eva Helenius: The reception of hammer instruments into Swedish clavichord culture — from clavichord to square piano

Paul Simmonds: A pantalon clavichord from the Friderici stable?

Lothar Bemmann: From clavichord to fortepiano — A survey of builders making both instruments

Dorothea Demel: « … Silbermann again»

Christophe d’Alessandro: The acoustics of tangent-string interaction in the clavichord compared to hammer-string interaction in the fortepiano


HansErik Svensson: Clavichords and squares from Pehr Lindholm’s workshop — a comparison

Ilton Wjuniski: The twelve sonatas by Friedrich Wilhelm Rust published by Vincent d’Indy and their performance on the clavichord

Michael Günther: ‘Clavier’ — clavichord or fortepiano

Barend Kraal: A square piano by J. P. Hinrichs (Hamburg 1804) with a curious half-octave ravalement (1839)

Koen Vermeij: Christian Gottlob Hubert’s workshop and the Tafelklavier

Norbert Broggini: Haydn’s keyboard music in Spanish and Latin American sources

Derek Adlam: Architecture parlante — Joseph Haydn, classical sonata form as a fine art of the Enlightenment, and the role of the clavichord

Bernard Brauchli: Addenda and corrigenda to Bernard Brauchli's ‘a comprehensive list of iconographical documents on the clavichord’, De Clavichordio V [Magnano Proceedings 2001], pages 273-295


Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names

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