Proceedings of the VIII International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 5 - 8 September 2007. Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, Judith Wardman.
256 pages.
ISBN 978-88-900269-9

Ute Henning, Arnold Dolmetsch and His Bach Clavichord: an Iconographical and Literary Approch

Peter Bavington, Arnold Dolmetsch's Clavichord Making in the Years Before 1914

Cornelia Ullrich-Eberius and Wolfram Ullrich, Macario Santiago Kastner in the Memory of his Family

Joan Benson, Studying with Macario Kastner a Half-Century Ago

Bernard Brauchli, Interview with Professor Macario Santiago Kastner (Lisbon, July 1984)

Bernard Brauchli, Macario Santiago Kastner (1908-1992): Bibliography

Gerhard Doderer, The Clavichord in Portugal after 1800

Ilton Wjuniski, Musical Manuscript MM.41 at the Library of Oporto: Performing Intricate Polyphonic Texture on the Clavichord as Compared to the Organ and to the Harpsichord


Alfons Huber, Fingerboards of Sixteenth-Century Citterns as a Primary Source for Temperaments of (other) Fretted Instruments

Dorothea Demel, The Clavichord in the Encyclopaedia: Eighteenth-Century Musical St. Petersburg (Volumes I-III and VII)

Derek Adlam, Clavichords in Georgian England: Handel, Mary Delany & the Granville Family

Simon Field, uilding a Database of Early Keyboard Instruments: Difficulties and Opportunities

Lothar Bemmann, Wie Man Ein Cor Thonig Clavicortium Beziehen Sol - The Organ Maker Johannes Creuzburg (1686-1738) and his Workshop Book

Michael Tsalka, A Closer Look at Daniel Gottlob Türk's Keyboard Sonatas

Hanserik Svensson, An Analysis of Construction Methods Used by Swedish Clavichord Builders

Eva Helenius, Gottfried Silbermann and the Swedish Clavichord Tradition

Christophe d'Alessandro, Charles Besnainou and Luc, Acoustic Portraits of Four Clavichords: Tangent Velocities, Loudness and Decay Times

Pierre Verbeek, The Israel Gellinger 1670 Clavichord


Bernard Brauchli, Addenda and Corrigenda to Bernard Brauchli's 'A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord', De Clavichordio V [Magnano Proceedings 2001], Pages 273-295

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names view other volumes of De Clavicordio

De Clavicordio VIII

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