Proceedings of the VII International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 7-10 September 2005 – Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, & Judith Wardman.
277 pages, 34 black & white illustrations, 53 color illustrations.
ISBN 88-900269-3-6

Ute Henning, Clavichord Reception in Russia: With Special Reference to the Bach Family

Juan Luis García Orozco and Pablo Padilla, Perspectives on the Clavichord in New Spain

Juan Luis García Orozco and Pablo Padilla, Mexican Clavichords

Grant O'Brien, The Lindholm Clavichord, Stockholm 1791

Eva Helenius, Aspects of the Clavichord in Sweden in the Nineteenth Century

David Ledbetter, German and Swedish Keyboard Arrangements of Seventeenth-Century French Lute Music: A Repertory for Fretted Clavichord?

Paul Bavington, Comparison of Two Eighteenth-Century North German Clavichords


lfons Huber, Characteristics of Some Viennese Clavichords in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century

Laurence Libin, New Insights into Tannenberg's Clavichords

Luc Breton, Pseudo-Amplification: A Physical Principle of Stringed Instruments Exemplified in the Lute

Christopher D'Allessandro, Brian F.G. Katz and François Boudet, On the Acoustics of the Clavichord

Gregory Crowell, The Clavichord as a Plucked String Instrument

Christopher Hogwood, The Keyboard Music of John Dowland

Ilton Wjuniski, The Style Luthé in the Harpsichord Works of François Couperin and some Aspects of Their Performance on the Clavichord

Maria Erdman, The Infiltration of Lute Repertoire into Keyboard Music in Poland in the Sixteenth Century

Lothar Bemmann, The Clavichord in Films


Bernard Brauchli, Addenda and Corrigenda to Bernard Brauchli's 'A Comprehensive List of Iconographic Documents on the Clavichord'

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names view other volumes of De Clavicordio

De Clavicordio VII

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