Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 10–13 September 2003 – Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, Ivan Moody – Published by Musica Antica a Magnano – 200 pages, 33 black & white illustrations.
ISBN 88-900269-3-6

Alfons Huber, Iron Scale or Brass Scale — When Were These Concepts First Used

Lothar Bemmann, The Decline and Revival of the Clavichord

Lorenz Gadient, The Twofold Usage of the Term ‘Second’ in Musical Tempo Measurement from the Seventeenth to the Eighteenth Century

Gregory Crowell, Every Player’s First Grammatica: Reflections on Clavichord Technique in Context

Maria Erdman, ‘The Tablature of Music or Musical Practice’ by Jan Alexander Gorczyn: a Source for Polish Clavichord Practice in the Seventeenth Century

Luisa Morales, Clavichords and Harpsichords in Cloisters: a New Approach to the Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Repertoire in Spanish Convents


orthe Falcon-Møller, Magnus Christensen, a Danish Builder of Clavichords from the Mid-Eighteenth Century

Eva Helenius-Öberg, The Clavichord in Sweden before 1700

Thomas Glück, Rack Division — The Fingerprint of Historical Fretted Clavichords

Emi Saeki, Jesuit Missionaries and the Clavichord in the Orient

Andreas Hermert, A Seventeenth-Century Clavichord from Poland

Uta Henning, The Care of the Rare — First-Aid in Musical Iconography

Joan Benson, Clavichord Perspectives from Goethe to Pound

Derek Adlam, An English Repertoire for a Sixteenth-Century Clavichord

Christopher Hogwood, The Clavichord and its Repertoire in France and England before 1700 — A Summary and a New Manuscript Source

Christopher Hogwood and Bernard Brauchli, The Clavichord in Britain and France: A Selection of Documentary References before 1700


Bernard Brauchli, Addenda and Corrigenda to Bernard Brauchli’s A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord’, De Clavicordio V [Magnano Proceedings 2001], pages 273–295

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names view other volumes of De Clavicordio

De Clavicordio VI

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