Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 5–8 September 2001 – Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, Ivan Moody – Published by Musica Antica a Magnano – 328 pages, 55 black & white illustrations. ISBN 88-900269-2-8

Laurence Libin, Two ‘Travelling’ Clavichords by Unknown Makers

Alfons Huber, Mozart’s ‘Reiseclavier’

Michael Zapf, Handing down the Tradition: the Survival of Bach’s Finger Technique in an Obscure Nineteenth-Century Clavier Tutor

Bernard Brauchli, The Clavichord as the Key to the Study of all other Keyboard Instruments

Johann Sonnleitner, The Clavichord in the Expanded Tone System

Florian Sonnleitner, The Klavikantal — A new Type of Clavichord in Development

Jörg Gobeli, A Diagram for Visualization and Interpretation of the Intervals of Historical Temperaments

Derek Adlam, Missing Instruments


Grant O’Brien, The Case, Stringing and Fretting of the 1543 Venetian Clavichord by Dominicus Pisaurensis

Paul Simmonds, Embellished Repeats in Late Eighteenth-Century Clavichord Repertoire

John Whitelaw,  The Singing Hand

Eva Helenius-Öberg, Musikaliskt Tidsfördrif as a Mirror of Clavichord Culture in Sweden

Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, Roman and Zellbell: Secular and Sacred Contexts for Improvisation on the Swedish Clavichord

Joel Speerstra, Two Mid-Eighteenth-Century Swedish Clavichords: a Professional Instrument by an Amateur Builder and an Amateur Instrument by a Professional One

Peter Bavington, A Clavichord by Johann David Schiedmayer

Jenny Nex and Lance Whitehead, Three Eighteenth-Century Schools of Clavichord Building: a Comparative Study

Dorthe Falcon Møller, The Clavichord in Denmark — Builders and Instruments


Christopher Hogwood, The Copenhagen Connection: Resources for Clavichord Players in Eighteenth-Century Denmark

Bernard Brauchli, A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord

Alberto Galazzo, Cumulative Index of Names (Volumes I–V) view other volumes of De Clavicordio

De Clavicordio V

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