Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 8–11 September 1999 – Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Susan Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo – 225 pages, 34 black & white illustrations.
ISBN 88-900269-1-x

Annette Richards, C. P. E. Bach’s ‘Farewell’ and the Speaking Clavichord

David Schulenberg, When Did the Clavichord Become C. P. E. Bach’s Favourite Instrument? An Inquiry into Expression, Style and Medium in Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Music

Christopher Hogwood, ‘Our Old Great Favourite’—Burney, Bach and the Bachists

Mary Sue Morrow, The Clavichord Resounds, or the Wider Influence of C. P. E. Bach’s Empfindsamer Keyboard Style

Darrell Berg, C. P. E. Bach’s Songs for Clavichord

Alfons Huber and Ana Savarain de Graf, A Clavichord from Peru in the Period of the Imperial Vice--Royalty 

Darryl Martin, Tangent Layout and Triple-Fretted Clavichord Tuning
Laurence Libin and Sabine K. Klaus, Two Spanish Clavichords in Private U. S. Collections

Eva Helenius-Öberg, The Swedish Clavichord around 1800

Jenny Nex and Lance Whitehead, A Preliminary Investigation into the Stringing of Swedish Clavichords

Joel Speerstra,  Documenting a Clavichord by Lindholm and Söderström and a Brief History of Swedish Measurements

Derek Adlam, Conservation Ethics

Peter Bavington, A Maker’s Secrets Revealed: Restoration of a 1784 Clavichord by C. G. Hoffmann

Stewart Pollens, A Pantalonclavichord by C. Kintzing of Neuwied, 1763

Bernard Brauchli, Addenda and Corrigenda III to Bernard Brauchli’s ‘A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord’ De Clavicordio [Magnano Proceedings  I] (Pages 81–92)

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names view other volumes of De Clavicordio

De Clavicordio IV

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