Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano, 24-28 September 1997 – Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Susan Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo – 296 + viii pages, 13 color illustrations, 18 b & w illustrations.
ISBN 88-900269-0-1

Darryl Martin, The Van Hemmesen Clavichord and the Early Flemish Clavichord School

Howard Schott, Froberger and the Clavichord

Bernard Brauchli, The Clavichord on the Iberian Peninsula

Koen Vermeij, In Praise of the Five-Octave Fretted Clavichord

Paul Simmonds, Abstossen, Schleifen and Das Algemeine Fortgehen—Thoughts on Clavichord Touch

Peter Bavington, Keylever, Tangent and String—A Preliminary Analysis of Clavichord Touch and Action

Derek Adlam, Clavichord Touch—Mechanics and Music

Joel Speerstra, The Pedal Clavichord as a Pedagogical Tool for Organists


Alicija Knast, The 1754 Clavichord of J.A. Haas in the National Museum of Poznan, Poland

Peeka Vapaavuori, Historical Clavichords in Finland

Giorgio Campanaro, A Survey of Sturm und Drang

Owen Jander, The Clavichord as Metaphor in late Eighteenth-Century Portraiture

Christopher Hogwood, “The Inconstant and Original Johann Wilhelm Hässler”—His 1786 Autobiography and a Thematic Catalogue of his Keyboard Works to 1790

Richard Maunder, Viennese Clavichords and Their Makers

John Barnes, Haydn’s Clavichord

Sally Fortino, Woman Composers Associated with Joseph Haydn—A Short Introduction to Some “New” Keyboard Repertoire

Richard Fuller, Affekt and Rhetorik in the Clavier Music of C.P.E. Bach and Suggested Applications in the Music of Joseph Haydn

Jean-Jacques Dünki, Composing “with” the Clavichord—A Contemporary Experience

Christine Hedinger, Kurt Hessenberg’s “Zehn Kleine Präludien”, Op. 35, for Piano or Clavichord

Bernard Brauchli, Addenda II to Bernard Brauchli’s ‘A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord’ De Clavicordio [Magnano Proceedings  I] (Pages 81–92)

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names (view other volumes from this series)

De Clavicordio III

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