Proceedings of the Twelth International Clavichord Symposium Magnano, 2015. Musica Antica a Magnano, Magnano 2017. Edited by B. Brauchli, A. Galazzo, J.Wardman.
127 pp.
ISBN 978-88-907624-4-4


Pekka Vapaavuori: Clavichord - A Practice Instrument or a Device of Artistic Expressioni?

Michael Tsalka: The First Published Keyboard Sonatas of Joseph Anton Steffan

Joan Benson: Teaching with the Clavichord in our Electronic World

David Gerrard: Mimed 4460 : The Revival Clavichord in Extremis

Fabio Rigali: Soundboard Woods


Menno Van Delft: The Transcendental Clavichord - J.P. Kraemer #571 and Other Clavichord Exceeding f3

Esteban Mariņo Garza: String Length and Historical Units of Measurement : The Clavichord from the National Museum of the Viceregal Period, Tepotzotlan, Mexico

Derek Adlam: Morris Steinert - A Great American Collector

Ilton Wjuniski: The Case of Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer's 'Ariadne musica' (1702) : The Clavichord as an Instrument for Performance and Pedagogy

Norbwrto Broggini: Arrangements for Two Keyboard Instruments of Johann Sebastian Bach's Organ Trio Sonatas

Alberto Galazzo & Judith Wardman: Index


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