Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium. Haydn and the Clavichord. From Clavichord to Fortepiano, a cura, con Bernard Brauchli e Judith Wardman.
168 pp.
ISBN 978-88-907624-2-0


Alfons Huber: A Useful Method to find a Suitable Tempera- ment for the Fretted Clavichords

Michael Tsalka: An Introduction to the Keyboard Capriccios by Johann Baptist Wanhal

Tomoko Akatsu Miyamoto: A Practical Introduction to the Clavichord

Menno van Delft: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's 'Damen-Sonaten'

José Erasmo Estrada: 'Man gewöhnt sich... Die Tasten gar zu sehr zu schmeilchen': Some Considerations on Touch at the Clavichord


Julian Gammon: Virtual Teaching: C.P.E. Bach's Versuch as a Pedagogical Medium

Ingrid E. Hagen: Sharing the Affects of the Music

Christopher Hogwood: The Practice of Preluding

Joan Benson: The Interplay of Clavicord and Modern Piano

Albert Mühlböck: Recovering the Clavichord for the Modern Pianist

Edward C. Pepe: The Museo Nacional de Historia—Chapultepec Castle Clavicord and the Likely Indentification of its Builder Juan Felipe de Olea

Alberto Galazzo: Communication about 'A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names


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