Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium. Haydn and the Clavichord. From Clavichord to Fortepiano, a cura, con Bernard Brauchli e Judith Wardman.
284 pp.
ISBN 978-88-907624-1-3

Peter Bavington: Reconstructing Mersenne's Clavichord

Lothar Bemmann: An Early Nineteenth-Century Clavichord by Schmahl

Gregory Crowell: Victor Hammer and the Revival of the Nineteenth-Century Clavichord

Ulrika Davidsson: The Pedal Clavichord as a Tool in Keyboard Education

Dorothea Demal: Lusser Clavichords and South Tyrol

Eva Helenius: The Swedish Clavichord and the Swedish Lute—Two Nationally Developed Instruments with a Repertoire in Common

Christopher Hogwood: The Keyboard Music of Carl Fasch


Alfons Huber & Ina Hoheisel: Early Clavichord-Making between Technological, Aesthetic and Cosmological Constraints

Baren Kraal: Thoughts on the Pedal Clavichord by Claas Douwes (The Netherlands, 1699)

Francesco Nocerino: The "Regole di Marancio": New Documents on the Clavichord in Naples

Joel Speerstra: Leipzig and Eisenach: A Comparison of the Two Extant Clavichords with Independent 16-Foot Pedals

Pierre Verbeek: The Urbino Clavichord Revisited

Bernhard Winkler: Physical and Acoustical Properties of the Clavichord: Experiments on Selected Instruments

Bernard Brauchli & Uta Henning: A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents of the Clavichord

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names


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