Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918

Chansons, recueil de mélodies dédiées à Marie-Blanche Vasnier

13 Songs from the Young Debussy
Fac-similés d'œuvres de Claudy Debussy



Debussy, Chansons

Fac-similés d'œuvres de Claude Debussy. Paris, 2010. Upright, 17.5 x 26 cm. In order to strengthen its editorial policy, the Centre de documentation Claude Debussy has decided to present Debussy’s autograph manuscripts to the public by publishing facsimiles of his works. This new collection takes particular care in being completely faithful to the original, respecting the size, the colors of the inks or pencils used, as well as the quality of the paper of the documents. Such publications are greatly appreciated by performers and musicologists; Pierre Boulez has agreed to write a general introduction for the collection. Debussy's manuscripts are scattered all over the world both in private and public collections. The manuscript of Chansons, recueil de mélodies dédiées Marie-Blanche Vasnier, which belong to the Music Department of the French National Library, is the third facsimile in this collection. Wrappers, in special art paper.

Debussy, Chansons, cover
Fêtes galantes (Paul Albumerlaine):
     1. Pantomime, "Pierrot, qui n'a rien d'un Clitandre"
     2. En Sourdine, "Calmes dans le demi-jour"
     3. Mandoline, " Les donneurs de sérénades"
     4. Clair de lune, "Votre âme est un paysage choisi
     5. Fantoches, "Scaramouche et Pucinella"
Coquetterie posthume (Théophile Gautier)
Chanson espagnole (Alfred de Musset)
Romance (Paul Bourget), "Silence ineffable de l'heure"
Musique (Paul Bourget)
Paysage sentimental (Paul Bourget)
Romance (Paul Bourget), "Voici que le printemps, ce fil léger
La Romance d'Ariel (Paul Bourget)
Regret (Paul Bourget)
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