CORBETTA, Francesco, c.1614-1681

[Guitarra española y sus diferencias de sones] zwischen 1650 und 1660

Faksimile-Ausgabe / Facsimile Edition

Herausgeber: Matthias Otto Schneider. Vorwort: Monica Hall und Lex Eisenhardt

Frankfurt, 2006. Format: Oblong 21 x 14 cm, 35, 84. $47

Corbetta, Guitarra españa

Corbetta, Guitarra española

Line-cut facsimile of a recently rediscovered manuscript of Corbetta’s Varii scherzi di sonate (Brussels, 1648). This unusual “hispanified” copy came to light in 1991. Besides the music from the original edition it includes 3 other pieces by Corbetta (preludium in G minor, brando in Bb major & almanda in Bb major), an untitled piece, 2 additional variations for his own set of folia variations, and 3 unattributed Spanish” pieces. Commentary in Ger-Eng. A careful and elegantly edited facsimile. Wrappers.

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    Corbetta, Guitarra española, cover

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