Codices Cantorum: Miniature e Disegni

nei Codici della Cappella Sistina
(Iconographic Survey of the Papal Music MSS)

For the first time the precious manuscripts of the private library of the Pope are presented here in a study that analyzes them from the artistic, historic and musicological point of view. Codices Cantorum compiles an overview of illuminated manuscripts containing repertoires of gregorian chant and polyphonic music composed by the most famous vocalist/composers and used for centuries by the Papal choristers during the most important and solemn liturgical celebrarions of the Sistine Chapel, Cappella Paolina al Quirinale and St. Peter's Basilica.

Although the music books of the Papal Court have been the subject of study and art historians have concentrated their research on a few particularly important codices, only until now we have, with this publication, a survey of the entire music patrimony of the Archivi de Stato in Roma and Segreto Vaticano. Codices Cantorum covers the works of five centuries (XV to XIX), addressing more than 60 manuscripts, under the reign of 18 Popes.

Emilia Anna Talamo (professor of the History of Drawing and Graphics at the University of Cosenza) analyzes the illuminated manuscripts; her work is documented by 54 beautifully executed full-page reproductions in color, 198 black and white illustrations, and an impressive appendix with additional bibliographic information. Professor Giancarlo Rostirolla provides a study of the text from a musicological and historical context.

The edition:
     –  1997-98 publication of Officine del Novecento (Florence), in collabora-
          tion with the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana & the Fondazione Giovanni
          Pierluigi da Palestrina.
     –  270 pp, in folio format (33 x 45 cm), with 252 illustrations, 54 of them
          full-page reproductions using state-of-the-art printing techniques.
     –  specially manufactured 220 gram paper by Cartiere Miliani Fabriano
     –  limited bibliophile edition of 1999 copies, bound by hand in leather.
          with embossments and gold leaf insignias; wood slipcase with leather
     –  Publishers price: €2,200 ($2,816)
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Codices Cantorum

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