CHOPIN, Frédéric, 1810-1849

Mazurka in A-flat Major, Op.7, No.4. Wydanie faksymilowe rękopisu ze zbiorów Warszawskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne (WTM 14/Ch, inv. 941) / Facsimile Edition of the Manuscript Held in the Warsaw Music Society (WTM 14/Ch, inv. 941).

[Mazurka, piano, op.7,4/Kob.71]

Mazurka, op.7,4

Works by Chopin—Facsimile Edition, A IV/7/4a. Warsaw, 2006. Oblong, 21 x 16 cm, 2 vols: 2, 92 pp. Full-color halftone of the autograph fair copy. This is the first version of the work which can be assigned to the composer’s youthful period. The only evidence we have of its date is a handwritten annotation that appears on the ms “Pisane przez Fr. Chopin w r 1824 / Kolberg” (”written by Fr. Chopin in 1824 / Kolberg”). The composition is written on a small sheet of paper which the composer probably folded into four and enclosed with a letter, sent to Wilhelm Kolberg. Commentary (Pol-Eng-Ger-Sp-Fr-Jp) by Andrzej Spóz. Bound in blue linen with matching portfolio. $65
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Chopin, Mazurka, op.7,4