Facsimile edition

A Ferrarese Chansonnier: Roma, Biblioteca Casanatense 2856
“Canzoniere di Isabella d’Este”
Edited by Lewis Lockwood

A chansonnier once belonging to Isabella d'Este,
Marquise of Mantua

decorative pointers in the bassus part     
connecting the final note on verso to initial     
note on facing recto take form of gargoyles,     
flowers, birds, pointing hands, etc.     

A Ferrarese Chansonnier, Casanatense 2856


A Ferrarese Chansonnier, Casanatense 2856

sample opening


A Ferrarese Chansonnier, Casanatense 2856, cover

Lucca, 2002. 24.5 x 34 cm. xxxii, 1, 331 pp.

Line-cut of a central Italian chansonnier (c.1485-90) prepared as a gift for Isabella d’Este of Ferrara, honoring her betrothal (1480) and marriage to Gian Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua. Contains 113 works a3 and 10 a4 in choirbook format executed in a beautiful calligraphic hand. The ms provides text incipits but no text underlay. Includes works by Busnois, Agricola, Caron, Martini, Ockeghem, plus many others. This manscript has been a favorite of performers in early music wind ensembles. Cloth.

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