Bruno Bouckaert (ed.)

Cantus 21. Mémoires du chant. Le livre de musique d’Isidore de Séville à Edmond de Coussemaker. Sous la direction de Bruno Bouckaert

Contributeurs: Florence Albaret, Véronique Denolf, Sandrine Dumont, Nele Gabriëls, Valérie Guéant, Barbara Haggh-Huglo, Thiphaine Hébert, Sofie Taes, Bruno Bouckaert, Johan Eeckeloo, Michel Huglo, Gilbert Huybens, Pierre-Jacques Lamblin, Christian Meyer, Damien Top

Cantus 21, illustration

Neerpelt, 2007, 24 x 29 cm. From 19 Nov. 2005 to 18 Feb. 2006 four exhibitions, entitled “Cantus21. Patrimoine musical du Nord de la France”, were organized in Cambrai (Maison Falleur/Médiathèque municipale), Douai (Bibl. municipale and Musée de la Chartreuse) and Bailleul (Musée Benoît-De-Puydt). This exceptionally beautiful and illustrated publication is the scholarly outcome of this event containing detailed descriptions of, and commentaries on more than 150 manuscripts, prints, treatises and archival documents. 2 sections are dedicated mainly to plainchant sources and liturgical manuscripts, one elaborates on sources of polyphony and music theory from the North of France and a final section is dedicated to Charles Edmond Henri de Coussemaker (1805-1876), who was a pioneer in listing and studying music sources from the North of France. A lot of attention is paid to his vast private collection (more than 1600 books, prints and mss) and to the large number of pieces which found their way into the collections of the Brussels Royal Library and the Library of the Brussels Royal Conservatory. Wrappers. $59


Cantus 21, cover

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