Mozarabic Chant Cisneros

Los cantorales mozárabes de Cisneros. Catedral de Toledo
Edición facsimilar coordinada por Ángel Fernández Collado, Alfredo Rodríguez e Isidoro Catañeda Tordera

Simposio Internacional sobre el Antifonario de León, el Canto Mozárabe (Viejo-Hispánico) y su entorno litúrgio musical, 24-26 March 2011

Toledo, 2011. 2 vols, 20 x 29 cm, xi, 903 pp. $120

Los cantorales mozárabe, 1
           Los cantorales mozárabe, 2            
Los cantorales mozárabe, 3

The general definition of Mozarabic chant is the repertoire used by Christians of modern Spain and Portugal living under Muslim rule. Following the reconquest of Toledo in 1085 the Mozarabic rite was gradually replaced by the Roman rite. There were exceptions, one notable example is the remarkable action taken by Cardinal Ximenes de Cisneros (1436-1517) to print in 1500 and 1502—on parchment—a "mozarabic" missal & breviary, followed by a complete repertoire of chants. Although the intention was to revive and restore the Mozarabic tradition this was a tall order: mozarabic chant was largely an oral tradition, and because the mss and notation that were available to Cisneros' editors was at best ambiguous, the Cardinal’s musicians had no choice but to invent at times and use elements of Gregorian chant in their "restoration".

Los cantorales mozárabe, 4

Los cantorales mozárabe, 5

This fascinating publication produced by the Spanish Musicological Society allows us for the first time to see and compare the “restored” texts with some of the ancient manuscripts and to form a better understanding of what exactly Cisneros created. It provides a complete facsimile of the 4 printed music volumes—Cantoral Mozárabe Cisneros I, II, III & IV—comprising 796 pp, as well as relevant pages from genuine Mozarabic mss dating from the 10th to the 14th c. Introduction in Spanish with complete index of chants. 2 vols, wrappers. $120

Contents (black & white reproductions):
  Cantoral Mozárabe Cisneros I (print, early 16th-c., 190 fols)
  Cantoral Mozárabe Cisneros II (print, early 16th-c., 117 fols)
  Liber Offferentium (print, 1st half of 16th-c., 39 fols)
  Cantoral Mozárabe Cisneros IV "Agenda Mortuorum" (print, 1st half 16th-c., 52 fols).

Appendix (color reproductions, Mss from 10th to 14th c from the Biblioteca Catedral, Toledo):
  BCT Ms. 33-1 Homiliario
  BCT Ms. 33-3 Liber Horarum de la Liturgia Visigótica
  BCT Ms. 35-3 Manuale de la Liturgica Visigótica
  BCT Ms. 35-4 Liber Misticus de la Parroquia de Santa Eulalia Toledo
  BCT Ms. 35-5 Liber Misticus de la Liturgia Visigótica
  BCT Ms. 35-6 Liber Misticus de la Liturgia Visigótica
  BCT Ms. 35-7 Liber Misticus de la Liturgia Visigótica
  BCT Ms. 35-8 Liber Commicus de la Liturgia Visigótica

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