CACCINI, Giulio, c.1550-1618

Caccini. L’Euridice, composta in musica  in stile rappresentativo. Firenze 1600

Caccini. L’Euridice, composta in musica

Archivum Musicum: Musica Drammatica, 5. Florence, 2000. 24 x 34 cm, x, 96 pp. Line-cut of the Florence, 1600 edition. Together with a reproduction of the entire libretto, published in the same year. Well known is Caccini's jealousy of the younger Peri working on the same subject; although Caccini succeeded in being the first to publish his opera (beating Peri by just one month and revelling in the fact that he could proclaim himself sole inventor of the new monodic style of siinging), ironically the opera wasn't performed until  2 years later. Introduction in It by Piero Mioli. Wrappers in decorative paper. $49

Caccini. L’Euridice, composta in musica, cover

Both Caccini and Peri versions of L'Euridice use the same text by Ottavio Rinuccini, but the melodic and vocal writing are remarkably different; in the case of Caccini the power of his dramatic effects stands out.
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