BRUCKNER, Anton, 1824-1896

The Kitzler Study Book“
Anton Bruckner’s Studies in Harmony and
Instrumentation Theory with Otto Kitzler (1861-63)

Facsimile of the Autograph kept in the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library
Edited with an Essay by Paul Hawkshaw and Erich Wolfgang Partsch

Anton Bruckner - Kitzler Sketchbook

Sämtliche Werke Anton Bruckner. Vienna, 2014. Oblong, 38 x 32 cm, 326, 20 pp. Full-color facsimile of the “Kitzler Study Book” acquired in 2013 by the Austrian National Library from a private collection in Munich. It contains compositional studies of the young Bruckner, prepared for the Linz Kapellmeister Otto Kitzler between 1861 and 1863, providing an important glimpse into the composer's formative years.
Anton Bruckner - Kitzler Sketchbook
The study book is comprised of 326 pages in various oblong sizes, arranged chronologically. We can observe the study of tonality, modulation and various structural forms, the complete score of an early string quartet WAB 111, the song “Der Trompeter an der Katzbach”, Four Fantasien für Klavier, as well as the instrumentation of the first movement of Beethoven's Pathétique” piano sonata.  Other works include “Marsch in d-Moll” for orchestra WAB 96, “Drei Orchesterstücke” WAB 97, Ouvertüre in g-Moll WAB 98 and sketches for the Symphonie f-Moll WAB 99. Hardbound, with slipcase. $428   (view other volumes from the orchestral repertoire

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