New facsimile edition

Johannes Brahms
Symposium in der Zentralbibliothek Zürich 15. November 2010

Commentary by Urs Fischer, Laurenz Lütteken and Wolfgang Sandberger

Brahmshaus, Rüschlikon

Brahms, Neue Liebeslieder Walzer op.65
No. 1

Brahms, Neue Liebeslieder Walzer op.65, cover

The humorous casting of solo parts includes: bass as enraptured paramour, alto as jilted lover, tenor as Lothario, and soprano, a woman repeatedly unlucky in love. Commentary (in Ger) with 41 illustrations by Urs Fischer, Urs A. Müller-Lhotska, Otto Biba, Ingrid Fuchs, Wolfgang Sandberger, Inga Mai Groote, and Christiane Wiesenfeldt. Facsimile printed on fine laid paper with hand-stiched binding (after the original), housed with commentary and audio CD in a handsome clamshell case. $158

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Documenta Musicologica, II/49. Kassel, 2014.
Oblong, 34 x 25 cm, 28, 71 pp, w/41 illus, & CD

Beautiful full-color facsimile of the autograph, issued on the occasion of a special symposium held at the Zentralbibliothek Zürich when the ms was officially placed on permanent loan by the Swiss bank UBS. This valuable manuscript, completed in Rüschlikon outside of Zürich in the summer of 1874, and lost until 1991, is Brahms’ second set of love songs, building on his successful Liebeslieder Walzer op.52. Written for a vocal quartet and four-hand piano duo and intended as chamber music for use at home, the Neue Liebesliederwalzer are an eclectic mix of love-poems from many lands, including Turkey, Poland, Latvia, and Sicily (trans. into German by George Friedrich Daumer); the work concludes with Goethe’s “Zum Schluß”

CD recording: Edith Mathis, Brigitte Fassbaender, Peter Scheier, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Karl Engel & Wolfgang Sawallisch

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