Pierre Bourdelot 1610-1685
Histoire de la musique et de ses effets, depuis son origine jusqu'à présent

 Jean Laurent de Le Cerf de la Viéville 1674-1705
Comparaison de la musique italienne et de la françoise

Bourdelot, Histoire de la musique

Die Großen Darstellungen der Musikgeschichte in Barock und Aufklärung, 2. Graz, 1966. 12°, 2 vols, c.1200 pp.
Line-cut of the Amsterdam, 1725 and 1704-1706 editions. There is hardly another period of music history which produced such an abundance of philosophical writings on music. Since one of the great achievements of the 17th c. was the origin and spread of Italian opera, much of this commentary coming from the French side concentrated on the difference (and merits) between French and Italian music. The present facsimile edition reproduces two representative and complementary histories. Histoire de la musique et de ses effets (the first publication in France to bear the title of a history of music) was authored by members of the aristocracy and Parisian literati: begun by Pierre Bourdelot (a doctor to Louis XIII ) and completed by his nephew Pierre Bonnet-Bourdelot (also royal physician) the work remained unpublished by the time of their deaths; Jacques Bonnet, brother of Bonnet-Bourdelot and treasurer of the parliament) succeeded in having the work of his brother and uncle printed in 1715 in Paris, followed by many later reprints, one of which included Le Cerf's important treatise Comparasion de la musique italienne et de la musique françoise.  4 vols. in 2. Linen. $95 (few copies remaining)

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Bourdelot, Histoire de la musique, cover
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