Ludwig van Beethoven

Trio for Piano, Violin & Violoncello B-flat op.97

Klaviertrio B-dur Opus 97 “Erzherog”-Trio. 1. und 2. Satz. / 3. und 4. Satz. Faksimile nach dem Partiturautograph Biblioteka Jagiellonska, Krakau. Geleitwort von Mitsuko Uchida. Einleitung von Julia Ronge

[Trio, piano, vln & vc, op.97, Bb minor, “Archduke”]

Beethoven, Trio for Piano, Violin & Violoncello, op.97 ("Archduke")

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Munich, 2020. xx, 34; 32 pp, oblong & upright format (34 x 26, 26.5 x 39 cm). Beautiful 4-color halftone of the “Archduke” Trio, a work dedicated to Archduke Rudolph of Austria, and regarded as the greatest of all works for this combination of instruments. The Trio in B-flat was probably performed at the Archduke's palace soon after it was written, but its public premiere did not take place until April 11, 1814, on which occasion the violinist was Ignaz Schuppanzigh (leader of the famous string quartet that introduced many of Beethoven's quartets and later some of Schubert's), the cellist was Joseph Linke (for whom Beethoven composed sonatas), and the pianist was Beethoven himself, in his last public appearance at the keyboard (Richard Freed). It’s unclear whether this autograph, with inscription “Trio am 3ten März 1811”, is actually from 1811 or whether the inscription was added later. Despite the presence of editorial/publisher’s markings this copy does not seems to to have served as the faircopy. The autograph, partly in vertical and partly horizontal format), each bound in linen, is housed in a sumptuous linen-covered box.  Produced on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven birth. $196


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Beethoven, Archduke Trio op.97, cover