BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

Piano Sonata, Op.28. Facsimile of the Autograph, Sketches and First Edition. With Commentary and Transcription by Martha Frohlich

[Sonata, piano, op.28, “Pastoral”, D major]

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Veröffentlichungen des Beethoven-Hauses, III/10. Bonn, 1996. Oblong, 36 x 28 cm, 135 pp. Monochrome halftone of the autograph fair copy, sketch pages (now dispersed among six libraries), and first edition. The autograph, dedicated to Joseph Edlen von Sonnenfels, dates from 1801; the first edition, published by the Bureau d’Arts et d’Industrie in Vienna, appeared in 1802. The “pastoral” associations of the sonata are invoked primarily by the lilting melodies and drone-like accompaniments in the themes of the outer movements, the folk-like style of the Trio in the third movement and nostalgic quality of the second movement. Although the autograph records clear evidence of Beethoven’s compositional process (mostly by its irregular gathering structure), the actual discrepancies between the autograph and first edition seem to be mostly the result of careless errors rather than intentional changes. Wrappers with attractive dust jacket which reproduces an original cover.  OUT OF PRINT  (view other volumes from this series)


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