BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

As-dur Sonate Op.26
Facsimile herausgegeben von Erich Prieger
 [Bibl. Jagiellońska, Krakow; formerly Preuß. Staatsbibl. Berlin]

[Sonata, piano, no.12, op.26, Ab major]

Beethoven, Piano Sonata in Ab Major op.26, Andante
Andante (theme)

Beethoven, Piano Sonata Ab Major op.26, var.3
Variation 3

Bonn, 1895. 37 x 28 cm. xi, 31 pp. Beautiful collotype of the autograph, composed 1800-1801. The sonata, rediscovered in 1878 by Prieger among a pile of medicine and theological books in a private house, is the first major work from a classical composer to appear in facsimile. Prepared by the acclaimed atelier of Albert Frisch, Berlin, the facsimile was printed on fine handmade paper to recreate the aura of the original manuscript (a very rare example in the history of the facsimile edition). Introduction in Ger. Original black embossed cloth boards, with lettering in gold. Extremely rare.



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Beethoven, Piano Sonata A Flat op.26, cover