BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

Grasnick 5: Beethoven’s Pocket Sketchbook for the
Agnus dei of the Missa Solemnis, Opus 123

[Facsimile Edition] Transcribed, Edited, and with a Commentary
by Patrizia Metzler and Fred Stoltzfus

Beethoven, Grasnick 5 (Sketchbook)
opening "Agnus" pasage

Beethoven Sketchbook Series, [3]. Champaign, Oblong, 38 x 28 cm, 144 pp. Color facsimile of a pocket sketchbook acquired by the Berlin Royal Library in 1879 as part of the holdings of Friedrich August Grasnick, a gentleman scholar & music collector. Long neglected in scholarship, the so-called Grasnick 5 documents reveal Beethoven working out concepts and ideas, offering fascinating insights into his creative method. This critical edition, the third in the Beethoven Sketchbook Series, offers a facsimile and transcription, spread out side by side, of the contents of the stitched pocket sketchbook started by the 50-year-old master during the summer of 1820. At the time, Beethoven labored over the Missa solemnis, Opus 123. The sketchbook's pages yield the entire record of his early ideas on the Agnus Dei of that work as well as a sketch for part of the Benedictus. Includes 5 pages from Artaria 205, also in side-by-side facsimile-transcription layout. Clothbound.

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