Facsimile Edition
Beethoven im Gespräch. Ein Konversationsheft
Beethoven-Haus, Bonn

Beethoven im Gespräch. Ein Konversationsheft vom 9. September 1825. Faksimile und Kommentar von Grita Herre. Übersetzung ins Englische von Theodore Albrecht. [Beethoven Haus, Sammlung H.C. Bodmer Br 287]. _________________________________________

Veröffentlichungen des Beethoven-Hauses, III/17. Bonn, 2002. 15 x 23 cm, 98 pp (28 illus).

Full-color facsimile of a Beethoven “Konversationsheft” (conversation book) compiled at the Gasthaus “Zum wilden Mann” on the occasion of the performance of the Quartet in A Minor, op.132. It was through these conversation booklets that Beethoven, now almost completely deaf, was able to converse with the world. What we see written is only half of the conversation (that of his conversation partners), in this case Maurice Schlesinger (1798-1872), Sigmund Anton Steiner (1773-1838), Karl Holz (1799-1858), Sebastian Schmidt (1776-d.?) and Ignaz Schuppanzigh (1776-1830). The books provide a fascinating glimpse into Beethoven’s world. With full transcription, commentary, and translation. Wrappers. POA
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