BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

Sämtliche Kadenzen / The Complete Cadenzas. Herausgegeben von Willy Hess. Faksimile Ausgabe anläßlich des 100 Geburtstages 22. Februar 1979 von Dr. Kurt Eulenberg

[Concerti, piano, orch, cadenzas, selections]

Second introduction into the theme of the Rondo, Concerto in G, op.58

Zürich, 1979. 34 x 26 cm, xi, 131 pp (with 98 facs). Beautiful 4-color facsimile of 17 autograph cadenzas now preserved in four different libraries: Beethoven-Haus-Bonn (14), Bibliothèque National - Paris (1), Staatsbibliothek - Berlin (1) & the British Library - London (1). The cadenzas—generally fair copies—belong to the Piano Concertos nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4, the piano version of the Violin Concerto Op.61, and Mozart’s Concerto K.466 in d minor. Beethoven, Complete Cadenzas, cover
Willy Hess’ commentary provides careful descriptions of each autograph, as well as information on printed editions. While Mozart left behind a plethora of cadenzas, not only for his own concertos but for those of others, Beethoven once avowed that he could not write anything which was non-obligato” (closing the door on anyone who wished to freely improvise in his concertos). Some believe that Beethoven composed them in 1809 for his talented pupil, Archduke Rudolph. This facsimile edition provides a wonderful opportunity to study Beethoven’s approach to the cadenzas and, at the same time, compare them to the ones written by Moscheles, Reinecke, Brahms and Busoni which have also become a part of the repertory. Fine bibliophile edition issued on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Dr. Eulenberg. Handsomely bound with brown linen spine and Ingres marbled paper boards; matching slipcase. $249        

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