BARTÓK, Béla, 1881-1945

Sonate für Violine solo (Sz 117 / BB 124)
Faksimile nach dem Autograph aus der Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel
Herausgegeben und Kommentiert von Stefan Drees


Sonata for violin solo Sz 117 / BB 124

Facsimile of the autograph from the Paul Sacher Stiftung,
Basel. Edited with a commentary by Stefan Drees

Bartók, Sonata for Violin Solo, Sz117
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Bartók, Sonata for Violin Solo, Sz 117, sketch              Bartók, Sonata for Violin Solo, Sz 117, cover

                                                                     sketch page (no.2 of 15)

Laaber, 2017 (Meisterwerke der Musik im Faksimile, 26)

Format: 28 x 34 cm, xxi, 18 pp. Full-color facsimile of the autograph fair copy along with 15 pp of sketch material. The sonata was commissioned by Yehudi Menuhin in Nov. 1943 and premiered by him in Carnegie Hall Nov. 26, 1944. A wonderful late Bartók virtuoso piece full of Hungarian qualities, biting rhythms, with subtle reference to Bach’s Sei solo a violino senza basso accompagnato BWV 1001-1006, by his use of of movement titles Tempo di ciaccona and Fuga. Like Bach's Sei solo autograph, it has a clearly-copied text that allows the performer to play directly from it. Introduction in Ger-Eng. Hardbound with decorative paper boards. $164


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