Dance Suite for Orchestra. Reprint of the Original Manuscript
(Budapest Historical Museum). Edited by Ferenc Bónis

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Budapest, 1998. 26 x 34 cm, 2 vols, 66 facs, 48 pp. 3-color halftone of the autograph full score fair copy, completed Aug. 19, 1923. The work was written on commission to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the union of Buda and Pest.
The composer does not make use of real peasant melodies but rather invents folk songs as a unifying device.
Bartók, Dance Suite
The Dance Suite represents the first time in which this principle was used for an entire symphonic cycle. The commentary volume explores the cultural milieu of Budapest in the twenties, the work’s genesis, compositional sources, and reproduces 7 B/W plates of other autograph material. Bound in black cloth with gold lettering (commentary booklet in wrappers). Colorful portfolio with pasted title. $118       

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