Johann Sebastian Bach   
T H R E E   S O N A T A S   F O R   V I O L A   D A   G A M B A

B W V  1 0 2 7 - 1 0 2 9

Facsimile Edited by Hille Perl

Bach, The Three Gamba Sonatas, BWV 1027-1029
click through image to see solo part of all three sonatas

Magdeburg, 2014. 22 x 34 cm, v, 44 pp. 4-color facsimile of the primary manuscript source material for Bach's celebrated gamba sonatas, the first time ever.  Only BWV 1027 in G Major—with title page “Sonata à Cembalo è Viola da Gamba”—has been preserved in Bach’s autograph, kept at the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin. The D Major and G Minor sonatas, also at the SB, are in the hand of Christian Friedrich Penzel (composer and student of Johann Sebastian Bach). Whereas the D Major was copied in score format plus solo part, the G Minor, like the autograph, comes down to us in individual parts. As Hille Perl points out the presentation of the D Major in score is particularly exciting because it helps students of this piece grappling with differences, even contradictory slurs—a problem in many of Bach's instrumental works—have a better understanding of performance practice. Wrappers. $48

Bach, The Three Gamba Sonatas, BWV 1027-1029, cover
"Interest in the three sonatas for viola da gamba and obbligato harpsichord (BWV 1027-1029) and their dissemination has increased to such an extent during the past thirty years in concert life, on CD recordings, and in various practical editions that—from today's vantage point—one has to include them among the ur-repertoire of the viola de gamba"
(Hille Perl)

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