BACH, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750

Musikalisches Opfer / Musical Offering (Musical Sacrifice) BWV 1079
Score Based on Bach’s First Edition of 1747 with Inserted Facsimile
Edited by Hans-Eberhard Dentler with a Note by Alberto Basso

Bach. Musikalisches Opfer
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Mainz, 2012. 25 x 33 cm, 53, 113, 38 pp. Modern edition in score format with facsimile supplement reproducing the 1747 edition of the instrumental parts. "Regis iussu cantio et reliqua canonica arte resoluta" is Bach’s famous collection of canons and fugues based on a musical theme given to him by Frederick the Great, to whom they are dedicated. The work has its roots in a meeting on May 7, 1747 at the King’s residence in Potsdam, where Carl Philipp Emanual was employed as a court musician. The work comprises 2 ricercars, one a6 and one a3, 10 canons, and a “sonata sopr’li soggetto Reale”, a trio sonata in 4 movements featuring the flute, one of the instruments Frederick played. Introduction and critical notes in Ger-Eng-Fr. Handsome binding in red linen with gold title. $129


Bach. Musikalisches Opfer / Musical Offering, cover
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