An important late renaissance source with valuable information on wind band performance practice

Ms. A.R. 775-777 Proske-Bibliothek Regensburg
  Vorwort von Raymond Dittrich

[Regensburg, Bischöflichen Zentralbibliothek, Ms. A.R. 775-777]

A.R. 775-777 Proske-Bibliothek Regenburg
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[Faksimile-Edition Rara, 66]. Stuttgart, 2015. 21 x 30 cm, 6 partbooks, vi, 718 pp, audio CD. Line-cut of one the three most precious music manuscripts in the possession of the Proske-Bibliothek of the BZB. Of a total of 120 settings Lasso is represented by 34 pieces, Alessandro Striggio by 18, along with works by Cambio, Merulo, Vaet, Clemens non Papa, Meiland, Truthaer, Verdelot, Wert, Crécquillon, Deprez, Hollander, Prenner Corteccia, Gosswinus, Faignient, Bischoff, Monte, Padovano, Utendal, Claudius, Palestrina, Langius, A. Gabrieli, Fabricius, Ruffo, & Lange. The partbook MS—Discantus, Altus, Tenor, Bassus, Vagant, Sexta Vox— carries the title 1579 - Orlandi Lassi Sexta Vocum”, a reference to the Angelo Gardano print from which the first 11 Lasso works derive. The manuscript has received the attention of a number of musicologists, Armin Brinzing for localization, dating and repertorial makeup, and Eric Fiedler for important evidence regarding wind band performing practice. Includes CD recording “In Principio - Musik der Grazer Hofkapelle” which includes a number of works from A.R.775-777. Hardbound in decorative paper, with matching slipcase. $375
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A.R. 775-777 Proske-Bibliothek Regenburg
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