Antiphonario di Muggiasca. Facsimile Edition

[Milan, Museo Diocesano s.n. “Antifonario ambrosiano”; olim Vendrogno in Val Muggiasca]
L’antifonario di Muggiasca. A cura di Giacomo Baroffio
Bibliotheca Mediaevalis, 2.
Lucca, 2014. 17 x 25 cm, 3 vols, 584, 596, 384 pp. [978-88-7096-800-2]

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Ambrosian chant, non-Roman chant cultivated within the historical boundaries of the archdiocese of Milan including the cities of Bergamo, Brescia, Pavia, Piacenza & Vercelli, has a complex history. It has been pointed out that its syllabic chants exhibit even more rigidity than equivalent Gregorian examples, yet at the same time its melismatic chants can burst forth with unusual excesses comparable to those of ancient Hispanic chant. Unlike sources transmitting the Roman tradition the Ambrosian manuscripts preserve chants of the mass together with those for the office. The antiphonary of Muggiasca, a wonderful 14th-c. manuscript—reproduced here for the first time in facsimile (full-color, in reduced format), is considered by scholars to be one of the three most important sources of Ambrosian chant. Wrappers. $298