ADLGASSER, Anton Cajetan, 1729-1777

Pietas in deum - Tragödie in 5 Akten
Faksimile der autographen Partitur aus dem Besitz der Erzabtei St. Peter Salzburg. Erste Aufführung in Salzburg am 8. Juli 1772 auf der Universitätsbühne (Große Aula). Text, Kommentar und Perioche des Schauspiels (lateinisch/deutsch) vorgelegt von Werner Rainer und Franz Witek

Adlgasser. Pietas in deum. Tragödie in 5 Akten
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Denkmäler der Musik in Salzburg, Faksimile-Ausgaben, 11. Salzburg, 2004. Oblong, 33 x 25 cm, 2 vols, 108, 136 pp. Duotone halftone of the autograph full score. Visitation (or nativity) dramas were obligatory at the University of Salzburg starting in 1724. They were created by the “pater comicus” and staged by the poetry class in the Große Aula, the university’s famous congregation hall. P. Florian was one of the great talents of Salzburg’s monastery playwrights. His oeuvre represents the high point of Salzburg’s Benedictine dramas; “Pietas in Deum”, from 1772, was the last play of a nativity drama and at the same time the last school play in Latin. It was set to music by the Court organist Anton Cajetan Adlgasser; the score consists of a 3 movement sinfonia and 3 interludes. This modest contribution points more in the direction of incidental stage music, giving the old style school theater a new lift. The story of Belshazzar from the Book of Daniel speaks of “Love and devotion to God”. Historical commentary in German. Stiff wrappers in decorative paper. $115


Adlgasser. Pietas in deum. Tragödie in 5 Akten, cover
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