Music of the Southern Low Countries; Hapsburg-Burgundian Netherlands

Brussels, MS 215-26
  Facsimile and Commentary
General Editors: David J. Burn & Bart Demuyt

[Brussels, Bibliothèque royale]

Brussels, MS 215-16

Brussels, MS 215-16
Seven Swords, Seven Sorrows, Marian Devotional c.1500

Leuven Library of Music in Facsimile, 2. Antwerp, 2018. 32 x 43 cm, 2 vols, 98 pp + commentary

Facsimile and study of Brussel MS 216-16, one of only two anthologies with masses, motets and office plainchant that was prepared for actual use at sacred services in the Low Countries, in this case for some chapel in Brussels. It is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary and has two masses specifically for the chapel. This sumptuous parchment choirbook comes from the workshop of Petrus Alamire and features the music De la Rue, Josquin, Pipelare and anonymous composers. The present publication offers a full color reproduction of the MS accompanied by a scholarly commentary in Eng/Dut. To appear February 2019. Price to be announced

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