Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium – Magnano 1993 Edited by Bernard Brauchli, Susan Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo

Derek Adlam, The Importance of the Clavichord in the Evolution of the New Musical Aesthetic in Eighteenth-Century Germany and in the Development of the Fortepiano and its Repertoire

John Barnes, Reconstruction of Douwes' Clavichord

John Barnes, A Theory of Soundboard Barring

Frances Bedford, Twentieth Century Clavichord Music

Joan Benson, Clavichord Technique in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Clifford J. Boehmer, A Structural Analysis of the Clavichord

Bernard Brauchli, A Comprehensive List of Iconographical Documents on the Clavichord

Grant O’Brien, Stringing Materials and Gauges for Clavichords by I. C. Gerlach and H. A. and J. A. Hass

Alan S. Caro, Some Ideas and Experiments on the Evolution of Clavichord Design

örg Gobeli, Ultrasound, a Possible Means of Judging the Quality of Wood

Christopher Hogwood, A Case of the Clavichord

Christopher Hogwood, Closing Statement

Alfons Huber, The Hexagram as a String Partition Canon for Fretted Instruments

John Koster, The Stringing and Pitches of Historical Clavichords

Edward L. Kottick, From Rags to Riches: a Survey of Clavichord Decoration

Renato Meucci, "S'i monacordo gentile stromento". The Terminology of the Clavichord in Italy"

Angelo Mondino, The Intarsia of Urbino

Rita Peiretti, Contemporary Clavichord Music in Italy

Nelly Ree Bernard, The Keyed Monochord

Beverly J. Sing, Johann Gottfried Herder and the Clavichord

Thomas Friedemann Steiner, Clavichord No. 2 and 3 in the Leipzig Collection. Some Complementary Thoughts About Their Origins

Gerhard Stradner, Six Clavichords Newly Acquired by the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, An Anonymous, Sixteenth-Century Italian Clavichord in the L. F. Tagliavini Collection, Bologna

Jean Tournay, Comments on German Clavichord Sources

Koen Vermeij, A Contribution to Dating Hubert Clavichord

Benjamin Vogel, The Clavichord as an Instrument and as a Term in Polish Musical Culture

Lance Whitehead, The Laying-out of Hass Clavichords

Alberto Galazzo, Index of Names  (view other volumes from this series)

De Clavicordio I

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